The complete system to manage your DanceSport Event.

The O2CM event management system is a very versatile and complete package for all DanceSport competition (Am/Am, Pro/Pro, Pro/Am, Teacher/Student, Solo’s, etc). The O2CM system includes online registration, event management, accounting, scheduling, email utilities, schedule, results and competitor history. Also live posting of current heat lists, schedule, on deck and marks.

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Full Online Management

O2CM's online system makes it easy to manage your dance event with team members across the country

Easy Communication and Team Management

Better communication leads to better team operations and customer satisfaction.

Online Registration

easy access for the competitor to enter, manage and pay for their own entries

No messy paper entries

Reduce clutter and confusion by letting the customer enter their own events

Onsite Migration

O2CM provides many avenues of communications between event team members as well as to the competitor and spectator

Electronic Judging

O2CM is the Fastest, Most Accurate and Most Secure system of gathering, recording and calculating the judges opinions.