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    Manage your Dance and DanceSport competition using the latest technology.
O2CM offers great features!

    All data is stored on an Internet hosted database. This allows for a distributed organization to work simultaneously. Easy online registration for your competitors and a software package to help you manage your event.
    Entry Forms, Entry lists, Officials List, Preliminary event schedule,  Ticket Reservation, Credit Card Payments, Easy to navigate, Online Results Pages 
Organizers tools
    Easy Session and Heat creation, Scheduling, Registration, Officials, Reports, Customer contact through email tools. Database User Management, Marketing emails to over 7000 active competitors, and Much More!
    Once your organization is ready for the ballroom, O2CM will be there to make operations go smoother. Download the online database to your local server and you will have access to features Including services for Registrar, Emcee, Deck Captain and A wireless Judging system that eliminates all errors that accompany the old fashioned paper & pencil method.
    Thank you for all your service for our 2012 events. After overcoming my initial fear of working with a new system, I find your program extremely helpful in organizing our events and in the management of the competition. It definitely saved me a ton of time in entry and schedule preparation and improved the efficiency and accuracy of the data input tremendously. Thank you. I would like to reserve our 2013 dates with you.
    Andy Wong
    Organizer: The Grand Ball

    As Chairman of this competition I was a little dubious as to how efficient this (O2CM On Site) would be and if all the judging panel would be comfortable with it. Everyone had nothing but praise for the system and as I was judging myself I could test the system too. Once on the floor I realised how efficient, simple & easy it is... so much so that I would be happy not to have to use paper and pen again!
    Barbara Child
    Chairman: Canadian 10-Dance Championships
    Island Fantasy Ball

    I love this (O2CM On Site) system , and think it's really easy.... even us non-techie dance teachers can use it! I'm sure this will be the wave of the future. Sure will make marking multiple heats on the dance floor a lot easier...
    Elizabeth Knoll
    Former U.S. Standard Champion
    NDCA Championship Adjudicator