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The O2CM Team

O2CM is a software package designed and built to aid in the running of ballroom "DanceSport" events

Without the help of many independant contractors, there would not be enough support for all the events that use O2CM. Below you will find a listing of our team, where they are generally located and how to get in touch with them. Find one that works best for your event.

Standard rates for the technicians listed below are $525/day plus travel expenses. Feel free to contact one of them to help support your event onsite with Computer systems and Scrutineering Services.

Not only are they experienced in running O2CM, but they have been to enough events to be an outstanding ally in keeping things running smoothly.


Daniel Dilley
Location: INDIANA
email: dancingmagician@gmail.com
phone: 765.414.4885

Owner of O2CM since 2021. Certified Scrutineer (through NDCA, recognized by WDSF). WDSF Adjudicator in Standard and Latin. Championship Certified Adjudicator in all styles (NADTA).

Software developer for Medicaid by day, head coach of the 125 member Purdue Latin & Ballroom Dance Team by night. Daniel has been scrutineering using O2CM since 2012, including WDSF Open Championship events, USADance Nationals and Regionals, MAC, and many midwest college comps. Like several other affiliates, Daniel owns all the equipment needed to set up a wireless competition, including enough tablets for 30 or more judges. Peaceful under pressure, he has enough experience to recover from any surprises, and to keep the show rolling, and as a former Pro competitor, a complete understanding for the dancers.

He is based in Indiana, and since he will often be using vacation days, prefers to travel with his wife Yuehwern Yih, who is also a WDSF Chair and Adjudicator. Daniel also co-organizes the annual Purdue Ballroom Classic, which attracts as many as 400 collegiate ballroom dance competitors each year.

Van Hoang
Location: Montreal, QC
email: vcthoang@gmail.com'

Van Hoang has been involved with Ballroom Dancing for more than 20 years and started out learning social dancing at a local dance studio in Calgary, AB. He was instantly hooked and after a few years, started dancing competitively, focusing on International Latin.

He has volunteered in various positions at dance competitions, has been music director at dance competitions, emceed dance competitions, organized dance competitions and is now mainly staying involved with Ballroom Dancing by being scrutineer and registrar for many competitions across Canada.

He has served as a Director on the DanceSport Alberta board and was involved with organizing the various DSAB sanctioned events, most notably serving on the organizing committee for the 2015 Canadian Closed Championships.

Van is a certified scrutineer with CDF (Canadian Dancesport Federation) and has scrutineered CDS local and national level events, WDSF World and Open Championship level events and CDF/NDCC local and national level events that includes the DanceSport Series Pro-Am competitions

Joe Huesmann
Location: Maryland
email: joe@worldofjoe.com
phone: 240.481.1362

Joe Huesmann began ballroom social dancing in grad school at the University of Maryland. He was drawn into the competitive ballroom world a year later and has been involved ever since.

In 2009, as part of the Mid-Atlantic Championships organizing committee, he took on the task of setting up all the hardware to run the O2CM system for that competition. He scrutineered several unsanctioned competitions over the following years, and in 2014 passed his USA Dance scrutineering exam.

Christopher Sayotovich
Location: New York
email: casayoto@uwalumni.com
phone: 608.345.7778

Christopher Sayotovich has been involved in ballroom as a social dancer, a competitor, and currently as a scrutineer. He has scrutineered for Collegiate, Amateur, and Studio competitions all around the East Coast and Midwest including the DC Dancesport Inferno, the Harvard Invitational, and the MIT Open.

Christopher Ellwood
Location: California
email: christopher.ellwood@gmail.com

Christopher founded the DanceSport Team at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2003 and is their head coach and instructor. He started the annual Cal Poly Mustang Ball DanceSport Competition and was the competition organizer for the past six years.

Todd Wakefield
email: toddwakefield@gmail.com
phone: 801.369.4254


Ben Haut
Location: Columbus, Ohio
email: bstscrutineering@gmail.com
phone: 330.280.6536


Certified Scrutineer

Owns the equipment necessary to run a wireless network with judges on tablets.

Tim B.
Professional Network Technician
Location: Indiana

Jeff Baker
Location: Washington
email: jeffrey.baker@gmail.com
phone: 206.280.3471


Amanda Ashcraft
Very Busy
CompMngr/O2CM Scrutineer
Location: New York
email: ashcraaj@gmail.com
phone: 612.281.4659

Amanda Ashcraft has been involved in the Ballroom community for over 15 years both socially and competitively. About 6 years ago, she has moved into the organizational side of competitions serving in various positions at competitions including Deck Captain, Awards Coordinator, Registration & Scrutineer. Amanda has been scrutineering for about 6 years and received her certification in ‘13. She has been the scrutineer at such collegiate competitions as DC DanceSport Inferno (University of Maryland), NYU, Harvard Beginners Syllabus Challenge, Holy Cross Ballroom, Harvard Invitational, Cornell University, Boston University, University of Connecticut Husky Challenge and MIT Open, as well as many other collegiate competitions. In the NDCA, she has scrutineered at the Caribbean DanceSport Championships, Wisconsin State DanceSport Championships, American Star Ball Championships, Colorado Star Ball Championships and Massachusetts DanceSport Challenge. She is also the registrar at the Easter US DanceSport Championships, Washington Open and Canadance.

Mark Tabor
Creator of O2CM

Introduced to ballroom dancing in 1993, Mark became involved in competition, and competed for over 15 years. Beginning in 2000, he organized 18 chapter competitions and Six USA Dance Regional Competitions. Throughout this experience, he developed the O2CM system for DanceSport competition management and began scrutineering. Mark moved to Oregon and began teaching at The Ballroom Dance Company in 2008. In 2013, Moved to Fort Worth Texas to better serve O2CM clients across the country at events nearly every other week. He works all levels of events as a scrutineer, including NDCA pro/am events, USA Dance National Championships and WDSF World Championship and World Cups.
  • Organizer Columbia Star Ball 2010-2012
  • Organizer Northwest DanceSport Championships 2003-2007
  • Developer of the O2CM System
  • Certified Scrutineer
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