Your Online*Onsite Competition Manager for DanceSport

O2CM Features


O2CM will proudly display your event in our listings, with links to your website, and pages that can list current entries, your officials, and the preliminary schedule, as desired.
Improve Transparency
Your customers can keep up to date on what’s happening at your event.

Online Registration

Your customer enters online. Reduce paperwork and errors. Accept payments with PayPal or Authorize.net
Correct Registration
O2CM verifies national membership. and age qualifications. The accounting system allows competitors or studios to track entries, entry fees and ticket purchases.

Electronic Marking

Judges can enter their marks using electronic pads. O2CM supports multiple devices and device sizes. You can provide devices or judges, scrutineers, etc can use their own mobile phones
Accurate Scoring
O2CM assures that the judges marks are recorded correctly. No more extra numbers, mistyped numbers, or runners with papers.


Results are available to your emcee, chairman, videographer, etc. immediately after the judges submit their marks, and can be posted to the online results pages when ready. Competitors can find all results, with scoresheets, posted at results.o2cm.com.
Posted Indefinitely
The results for your event will remain posted indefinitely.

Live Information

During the event, spectators and competitors can visit live.o2cm.com to see exactly what is happening in the ballroom, and an updated schedule of when their event will be run.
Shared Information

Live.o2cm.com posts

  • Who’s on the floor
  • Who’s On-deck
  • up to date heat lists
  • Recently posted marks

Auto Scheduler

Our scheduler will design a schedule based on your registrations and your competition's needs.
Customize it
You can then customize the schedule for your needs.


Competition management, chairman, scrutineer, judges, deck captains, Emcee and DJs are all connected to the same system,
Share Knowledge
Everyone can get an instant view into the status of the competition. Any changes to the schedule are immediately known to everyone.


A role-based permission system keeps configuration options limited to those who need them.
Onsite Security
Onsite servers provide a closed network that only your team has access to.


You can pre-order your events to reflect a previous successful schedule.
and preview the timeline of your event before entries come in. A link that displays this preliminary schedule is available for your website.

When entries are all in

  • Re-arrange heat order
  • View possible costume change conflicts
  • Generating Rounds
  • Group similar heats
  • Schedule Breaks
  • Lock schedule to prevent changes after program printing


  • Lookup event competitors or National Membership database
  • Maintain contact with your competitors
  • Perform Adds/Drops/Scratches


Manage and review competitor and spectator accounts. Keep track of entries, fees, tickets and package purchases.


Generate Ticket and Package definitions for online ticket and competitor package purchase


Reports generated in Text or RTF formats.
A long list of reports can currently be generated.
More available upon request
Several complex reports for your registrar or program designer


Built in Email communciation allow you to notify competitors of event changes, Payments due. Also, once the schedule is completed, you can send bulk email including the individuals current heats and schedule. Plus, access to a database containing over 7000 active competitor email addresses.

Other Features

  • Heat Rotation – Mixing of couples between dances during rounds
  • Repechage – Second chance for first callback
  • Competitor Bye – Exclude high level competitors from preliminary rounds.
  • Constantly Saved Log of judges marks.
  • Views for Chairman, Deck Captian (as well as a PDA view), DJ, Videographer.
  • Judge: Easy to use interface.
  • Judge: Has current list of couples on floor, reduces error.
  • Judge: Couple Number Reserve (Notes) for preliminary rounds.
  • Emcee: Up to date schedule is on screen at all times.
  • Emcee: List of all competitors noted as registered, on-deck, scratch, no-show.
  • Emcee: Indication of Judges status.
  • Emcee: Fndicators for couples NOT on deck

Light Edition

For those events on a budget, AND who have HIGHLY SKILLED computer help, we have a light version of O2CM that runs on a Windows 10 machine running IIS 7 or better. For more network connectivity, you will want Windows 10 PRO. You will not be able to run judges tablets, but you may be able to network Emcee, ondeck and registration, display if you have networking knowledge

It is recommended your computer is set up and tested many days (weeks) before the event so you can work out any configuration issues you may have BEFORE you get to the event.

Installation instructions can be found here ftp://ftp.o2cm.com/release/LEInstall.pdf
Again - Setup in advance, test, test again.
We stress this because there has been unpleasant situations where individuals attempted this the day of the event.
We have skilled individuals on our team who specialize in scrutineering and IT management at many events. They are worth the investment.

Live Demo

View O2CM in action with our demonstration event at: demo.o2cm.com

O2CM Features

A Brief History of O2CM Feature Development

O2CM began as a simple email registration system for a small local event. It quickly became a database driven online registration system scheduling tools and posted schedule. This was soon modified to be an onsite tool as well, keeping the registrar, emcee and scrutineer in communications as to who was dancing each event.

With the advent of affordable handheld devices around 2002, Dell Axims were incorporated into the system to supply even better communications with on-deck. Then came the highlight of the system – an electronic marking system. Over the next decade, accounting and scheduling tools for all types of ballroom events were developed as well as improvements throughout the electronic marking system.

In 2013, the system was updated to be more flexible with current technologies. Now the organizer can manage his event through a website, without installing a windows application. The Electronic system is web based as well, making the availability and versatility of pads much greater. This rewrite also incorporated additional ideas such as live.o2cm.com, where the audience and competitors can follow along with the activities on their smart phones.

As we move forward in 2021, the system is being transitioned to new ownership ready to continue to make your events amazing!